Calling for a new file host for this blog — and how failed me

Back when I created this blog in February 2010, I chose WordPress to host the text of the blog, Imgur to host my images, and to host all my downloadable files — as a free user of WordPress my abilities to store media directly on WordPress servers are limited. Here’s a screenshot of in 2010:

So far, WordPress has not corrupted a single one of my posts, neither has Imgur lost any of my many hastily photoshopped images. But some time in December, readers started emailing me telling me that my download links were broken. WHAAT?

Sure enough, when I clicked one of my own download links, all I got was a blank page telling me that their service had shut down last week without notice, and all the files have been deleted. Fml. I thought I could count on you,!

Well — not exactly without notice. In October, a month before closing down, they announced their closing down in a blog post. If only I had known this before everything was deleted.

I can’t say I’ve ever anticipated that such a popular service suddenly closing down, so I never made backups or mirrors or anything. Fortunately I had most of the files stored on my computer, but at least one or two of the files are lost forever 😦

With gone, I need a new file host:

  • I only upload relatively small files (<1MB usually)
  • They should store files indefinitely (not automatically delete them after 6 months, or a month without 20 downloads, or whatever)
  • I have to be able to link files from my blog
  • Preferably painless (I dislike captchas and 60 second waits but I suppose I can live with that)
I’m thinking of Mediafire, but I’m open to suggestions.

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