Launching Lucky’s Bookshelf

I recently launched a new book review website / blog:

Here, I will post reviews of all the books I read (about one book a week). It has over 100 book reviews already, all the reviews I wrote since 2016. My books cover a wide range of topics, including science, linguistics, economics, philosophy, and more. Come check it out!

Blog Styling Update

It’s been over 6 years since I started this blog, and today I felt like it was time for a styling update. It’s not that anything is broken, rather, the internet is constantly evolving, so that a even a good website will inevitably become obsolete in 6 years.

To illustrate, here’s the old style, using the Contempt theme:


The problem is over half of the screen space is taken up by the gray bars at the side. The content has a fixed width of 800px or so, which is great for the 1280×1024 displays that were common in 2010, but looks pretty terrible on the larger displays today.

At first, I tried to tweak the CSS for the theme, but you need to get a premium subscription on WordPress to change the CSS (and it didn’t look that good anyway). So instead, I browsed through a bunch of themes and switched everything to the Hew theme:


This is more in line with the trend for blogs nowadays, with minimal clutter and text in large font in the center of the page. The widgets, which once occupied a third of the vertical space, are now hidden behind an options menu.

It’s a cosmetic change, but hopefully it will motivate me to blog more.