My name is Bai Li (luckytoilet). I’m a 21 year old geek/hacker from Calgary. Currently, I’m an undergraduate student studying Computer Science at the University of Waterloo.

This blog is mostly about math and programming related topics, or whatever else I may find interesting (but mostly math and programming). I like to write about weird and esoteric but fun topics in math and compsci. If you find this blog interesting, please subscribe and post some comments!

I read all your comments, but typically only respond if I have something interesting to say. If you want to talk, my email address is luckytoilet@gmail.com.


22 Responses to About

  1. trax 0101 says:

    by the way… have you had experience on the imo?

  2. yulingbai says:


  3. 跳跳 says:


  4. 跳跳 says:

    I do not understand.I amtiaotiao

  5. JS says:

    My specialty isn’t maths or compsci, but I still found this interesting and impressive. Keep up the good work.


  6. Davis Lazowski says:

    Hello from Edmonton and area!

    I noticed that a while ago you started a computer science club in your school and I am planning to do something similar at my school.

    Interest in mathematics/comp sci/logic is probably way lower than at your school (we don’t even write any of the math contests, which sucks a lot), so I was planning to make a generic ‘logical pursuits’ club which would deal with everything like that.

    However, even then, I’m not sure if I could get enough people.

    Any advice on what I should do?

  7. Lara & Tomiko says:

    I used your star polygon maker thing!

  8. Jake says:

    You saved my life on my Math IA.

    Absolutely godly hacker you are.

  9. Patrick says:

    I have followed your posting for a while. a lot of high quality of as a middle school student. Keep on working, you will become a professional computer expert!

  10. Anonymous says:

    You’ve reached the level of mathematical imagination, an impressive human quality! Your blog is very good, except that in some places, you forget to provide some important details! Keep it up!

  11. Robin says:

    Wow it’s you! I ran across your tetris AI and discovered its you. Remember me? We used to talk on MSN.

    • luckytoilet says:

      Oh wow, I remember! How’s it going at MIT?

      • Robin says:

        Not bad – just really busy – though I slack off and was playing tetris battle and wanted to make a cheat, and that’s why I came across your page. Anyway though, I wouldn’t have that time before I have to continue with my homework.

        How is it going for you? Have you applied to colleges yet?

    • luckytoilet says:

      I’ll be studying computer science at Waterloo next year — sadly it seems like all of the american colleges I applied to were less than impressed by my block-shifting creation.

      • Robin says:

        Oh that’s rather unimpressive of the colleges (as in, the colleges are unimpressive). I’m rather impressed by your blog! Well don’t worry about it; explore good opportunities and I’m sure you’ll be successful🙂

  12. Anonymous says:

    hey…man…are u an Alian…how did u get all this things in ur mind…@ 17….???????????? I”m just got hanged…in one post of yours…….

    by d way….great stuff…..Carry on….

  13. Anonymous says:

    This is one of the best math/comp. sci. blogs I’ve seen in a while. You present well laid-out ideas with plenty of supporting text and diagrams. You really know how to communicate your ideas clearly.

    Thanks for the interesting reads!

  14. baqir says:

    Its a great blog, Keep writing. I found this blog because of your Minesweaper AI article, should a call you a genius or what? 18 year old genius you are

  15. Anna says:

    Hi! I came across your blog while looking up Hall’s Marriage Theorem. You explained it well and made it fun because you’re having fun. Well done. I’ll go read your other posts now.

  16. gaurish says:

    Beautiful blog! Enjoyed every post🙂 Waiting for new posts.

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