The problem with reading ebooks on the computer

I often download a bunch of ebooks from the internet, usually in PDF or DJVU format. For months, I tried to read these books, yet I never actually got through any single book. Reading on the computer just seemed to be more difficult than reading a printed book, but I couldn’t pinpoint the reason.

But I later realized that the problem was that the scrolling was too fast or too slow. Crucial to a paper textbook is the ability to scan through many pages quickly.

The usual method for scrolling would be the scroll wheel. In the default setting, however, the scroll wheel only scrolls by three lines at a time. This is good enough for web pages and scrolling a short amount, but to scroll through an entire book this way is very tiring.

Another way to traverse pages is to use the page-up and page-down keys, which scrolls the page by one entire screen. The problem with them is that you have to finish reading the very last visible line, before hitting page-down and starting from the very first visible line.

My explanation may not make sense if you’ve never tried to read an ebook this way.

I searched over the Adobe Reader preferences and documentation, but could not find anything about the behavior of the scroll wheel.

The problem was that I had been looking in the wrong place. The scroll wheel settings were in the Windows control panel:

Aha. Now with the scroll wheel moving the page down 8 lines at a time (the default is 3), reading ebooks suddenly becomes so much more pleasant.

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