The new TI-84+ OS: 2.53MP

So apparently TI has released a new operating system for the TI-84+, more than two years after the previous version. The last OS update was in 2007 with version 2.43.

Although it was released officially on February 15, it was leaked at least a few weeks earlier. I’ve tested the leaked version too.

The most notable change seems to be the MathPrint feature, which formats expressions graphically instead of linearly as in older versions:

However, this pretty printing sometimes fails for very complex expressions. For example, it cannot render more than 4 nested levels of exponents. If you need to do stuff like that, however, you can still switch back to classic (no-mathprint) mode.

Excluding the Mathprint feature I think there are several new functions and a bunch of new B_CALLs which I’m not going to cover here.

There are some things that aren’t so great about this update. For one thing, Basic programs seem to run much slower than before, perhaps with a 2-4x decrease in speed (not measured, just a guess).

This doesn’t really matter since you can always disable Mathprint and the speed returns to normal.

Also a few applications (mostly ones that use undocumented features) are broken.

Perhaps most annoying is this screen:

What annoys me here is that this screen shows up every time you turn on the calculator. Yes TI I already know about the new goddamn ALPHA key feature!

Of course, you can make it ‘not show again’ but that only lasts until the next RAM reset. Mostly likely the state of the screen is stored in some variable that gets cleared on ram reset. If you reset your ram often, like I do, this screen quickly gets very annoying.

I think TI could have done better with this screen.

It surprises me that only the 84+ gets an OS update. The latest 83+ OS was 1.19, released in 2006. Perhaps this is coming to the 83+ as well?

Overall there’s quite a lot of new features. My calculator is starting to feel more and more like a TI-89. Yay.

7 thoughts on “The new TI-84+ OS: 2.53MP

  1. There’s one more thing you could add. Now if you execute a program, it says “Done” at the end of your program (or somewhere else, depending on your program). Since my programs output quite alot to the screen, this messes up my screen, which means that it doesn’t some calculated variables anymore. Example code of a program:

    Prompt A,B
    If A “isnotequalto” 0 and B “isnotequalto” 0

    If you have OS 2.53MP, with mathprint or classic, it will say Done on your screen instead of the variable B I want to output. Do you know of any way to make that annoying Done message move?


    1. You’re right, outputting before a program exits no longer prevents “Done” from displaying. I don’t know if there’s any way around that, I don’t do much Basic programming.


    2. After you display output, you can put the “Pause” command, a sort of work around. The annoying thing is that the user has to press the enter key to exit the program, and if they want to reference what the program displayed while entering an equation, they can’t. The only other work around is to put Disp “”,””,””,””, etc before your output so that it displays empty lines, and “Done” will display at the bottom of the screen.


  2. Just downloaded the new OS and the following is my 2 cents. While I like the text book math display and I suppose the new way of entering it is okay also but it seems clumsy. It is also lacking radical expresion such as Sqrt(2) + Sqrt(2) should equal 2 Sqrt(2)instead of 2.828427125. I did notice that is stores all entered equations even if the you turn of the calculator and you can backtrack and select an equation to rework but this seems clumsy. You should be able to backtrack then work right on the equation hit enter and receive a solution not have to hit alpha then enter to get a place to rework your equation.
    I think I will still stick with my Casio Fx-115ES for the time being. Alot easier to work with and does almost everything the TI-84 can do except programming and graphing.


    1. Not sure if this is relevant, but you can adjust what kind of answers you get by MODE -> Answers. Thus it’s possible to type 0.1666666666 and get 1/6. Alternatively you can convert a fraction to a decimal by Ans+0.0 or Ans*1.0. With square roots however, I think you usually want to calculate, not symbolically manipulate them.


  3. Lols, the update is ridiculous. No apparent “better” functions other than MathPrint, which isn’t really all that useful right?

    In addition, in programs that call subprograms will not work! This is extremely frustrating because if you test programs you write or just generally playing games, it gives you a ERR:SYNTAX right after the control returns back to the original program (you find out using 2:Goto)

    I hope there will be a fix.. else it’s back to 2.43 for me.


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